Come holiday time we will be teaming up with our "Trophy Pie Baker" herself to help you put some Thanksgiving Pie on the table

by taking it off your list (and just in case you don't come in first!)

As they say at Sweater Box Confections..."We bake great stuff so you don't have to." 

All pies at Sweater Box Confections are handmade...with rolled crusts using Chris' favorite wooden rolling pin.

While the flour may fly in the Sweater Box kitchen, it's one less mess you'll have to worry about unless you stop by there to help!


And best of all...

For every pie ordered by Trotters, Turkey Crew, and our Super-Duper Sponsors, Sweater Box Confections

will donate $1 to our charitable endowment!  


Click on the link above to visit Sweater Box Confections...and when fall rolls around,

we'll let you know about how to order your holidays pies.