Q: I’m registered…now what?

We’re out there on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube – so join the conversations!  Watch for our hashtags so everyone can enjoy the pics and and posts! Participant Information & Instructions about Packet Pick-Up and Race Day will be sent in early November.


Q: How will I know if I’m registered?

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address used for registration.  Unfortunately, we know that some computers' spam filters frequently erase or block the email confirmation that will be sent to you.  To avoid this, please make sure that we're on your "allowed senders" list so that your spam filter will not block important information about the event. Our email is: advice5kturkeytrot@gmail.com

Q: Can I get a refund or transfer my registration to someone else if I can’t attend?

Registrations are not transferable or refundable. We do not accept provisional registrations based on last-minute cancellations or "no-shows." Once the race is filled -- it’s filled -- and we begin with all orders and incur associated event expenses.

Q: What happens to the proceeds from the Annual ADVICE 5K Turkey Trot?

Net proceeds from the Annual ADVICE 5K Turkey Trot benefit our permanent charitable endowment -- the Annual ADVICE 5K Turkey Trot Fund -- managed by the Outer Banks Community Foundation. Its purpose is to award non-profit grants for projects that improve and support the health and wellness of all people of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Q: Can I make a direct donation to the Annual ADVICE 5K Turkey Trot Fund?

Yes! You can support our charitable endowment all year long by making a secure online donation directly to the Outer Banks Community Foundation (select “Other Fund” and ours is at the top of the list), via our fundraising site at Crowdrise, and from our online registration site (before, during or after registration).

Q: When and where do I pick up my race packet?

2021 Packet Pick-Up will be on Wednesday, November 24th, time and location to be announced.  All registered participants must pick up packets the day BEFORE the race during the established hours; there will be NO RACE DAY packet pick-up unless special arrangements are made with the Race Director no later than 11/15. Participants not checking in by 7:45 on the day of the race forfeit their opportunity to receive their race bib (packet) until after the Post Race Party.


Q:  Can someone else pick up my packet?

Yes! You may pick up race packets for others, but to lessen any confusion, please bring a copy of their registration form(s). We strongly urge family and friend groups and flocks with 5 or more members, to request pre-assembly of packets no later than 11/15. The emails to the Race Director MUST include both first and last names of each participant.


Q: I’m not registered! Can I do this at Packet Pick-Up?

Sorry...Once the race fills to capacity there will be no “last minute” or “race day” registrations.


Q:  What time does the race start?

The ADVICE 5K will begin at 9 am SHARP! Important race announcements, introductions, and the playing of our National Anthem will all begin about 8:30 am.  You will want to be at the staging area located at the Scarborough Lane Shoppes no later than 8:30, with the “CALL TO THE POST” at 8:45 am. Please do not congregate in the road and impede the movement of public safety and course volunteers!


Q:  Getting to the Race…and where to park?

Take Highway 12 (Duck Road) to Duck. While the race begins on Scarborough Lane (Duck, NC) ALL participants MUST stage in the rear of the Scarborough Lane Shoppes, located at 1171 Duck Road.  Please note that there is NO PARKING (street or lot) at or near the staging location.  We encourage participants to bike or walk to the race if possible. Carpool if need be; some (not all) shopping areas may have available parking on Thanksgiving Morning.  Plan to arrive no later than 8:30 am; expect restricted and/or no vehicular access to Scarborough Lane as early as 7:30 am.


Q: Can I walk in the Annual ADVICE 5K Turkey Trot?

Of course, we have lots of walkers!! We ask walkers to line up at the the back of the pack to allow the competitive runners to start the race. All participants should be physically able to finish and be off the course within 60 minutes (that’s a 20 minute mile or faster).

Q:  Does the ADVICE 5K use starting corrals?

No, we don’t use corrals but we do encourage the following: “hares” (8 minute miles and faster) towards the front and “tortoises” (9 minute miles and slower) towards the back. Walkers, adults with youngsters or pets, must be at the back.  WHY? With lots of runners this helps everyone move safely and smoothly off the start line and down Scarborough Lane.


Q: Is the Annual ADVICE 5K Turkey Trot chip timed?

No, chip timing is not used for our event -- in fact, we stress participation over scoring and use of a simple time clock so we can save the added expense and give it back to our community! If you are a competitive runner, please be aware that this is a non-sanctioned event and that we do not use a professional timing company or score the event. As we’ve said for over 2 decades, “if you want to know your time, look at your watch!” 

Q:   May I bring my dog?

Yes, but it MUST be controlled and on a short leash and we ask that you line up at the back of the pack.  These guidelines are to assure everyone's safety -- dogs pose a significant threat on a tight course and some runners are fearful. We prefer dogs NOT ENTER the finish chute because it is tight, so if possible plan on handing it off to a family member when signaled.

Q: Are baby strollers allowed?

Given the constraints of the course, if you have a young one in a jogging stroller you MUST line up at the back of the pack. Please stay alert from instructions coming from Public Safety Officials and Course Volunteers, as the roads are not closed to all vehicular traffic.

Q:  Is skating or cycling allowed?

No, for the safety of others, rollerblades, skateboards, roller skates, scooters, and bicycles are not allowed in the Annual ADVICE 5K Turkey Trot.

Q: What if it rains or snows? 

In general, rain or shine, the Annual ADVICE 5K Turkey Trot will go on!  Only severe weather conditions will warrant delaying or canceling the event.  Our paramount concern is the safety of our participants.

Q: Is there water on the course?

Our logistical plans include providing one water station located at the mid-way point along the course.  There are NOT portable toilet facilities located at the water station.

Q: Are there restrooms?

Yes, we will have portable toilet facilities located at the Race Morning Staging area, in the rear of the Scarborough Lane Shops. These will be easily accessed for the Start, Finish, and Post Race Party (and Packet Pick-Up afternoon as well!)

Q:  This is my first 5K -- what’s a BIB?

Your “bib” is your number -- and you must pin it to the FRONT of your outer most layer of clothing.  If it is not visible to our Course Volunteers, you will be asked to leave the course and prevented from approaching the Finish Line. DO NOT REMOVE ANY PORTION of your bib -- it contains a ROAD ID coupon and you will need to be wearing it at the Finish Line Party! Listen for your number during the prize giveaways during the party -- we always have great gifts but you must BE THERE to win!

Q: Why is there a limit to the number of runners and walkers?

Our 2021 REGISTRATION CAP will be determined based on RRCA best practices and public health guidelines as determined by the CDC, NCDHHS, and Dare County Health Department. The capacity may or may not be similar to previous events but will be in place to assure a safe and fun event for all participants and event volunteers. We ask for everyone's cooperation to not "bandit," compromising the health and safety of all those involved. Violating capacity ruins the goodwill we have worked hard to establish with our community and partners for over twenty five years! 

Q: Are there concessions available at the Turkey Trot?

Refreshments are provided free of charge for PARTICIPANTS and VOLUNTEERS thanks to our Party Sponsors.  Please be courteous and do not take “extras” for your spectating family members or friends!  We want EVERY runner and walker (the speedsters and the back of the packers) to enjoy the party! If we have extras, volunteers will let you know.


Beer will also available at the Post Race Party ONLY to participants and volunteers over 21. Any registrant over the age of 21 MUST WEAR the identifying wristband ID attached to his/her race bib. If you would like to enjoy a beer at the Post Race Party YOU MUST be wearing this wristband. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

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The ANNUAL ADVICE 5K TURKEY TROT is a 501(c)3 organization through the Road Runners Club of America group exemption status with the IRS. The ANNUAL ADVICE 5K TURKEY TROT promotes and encourages running and walking as it improves individual health and fitness and overall community health. Towards this, The ANNUAL ADVICE 5K TURKEY TROT is the cornerstone fundraising event for the Annual ADVICE 5K Turkey Trot Fund, a permanent charitable endowment managed by the Outer Banks Community Foundation. The event’s net proceeds, which include sponsoring contributions, are donated to the fund in December. The Outer Banks Community Foundation manages charitable funds for individuals and agencies, awards charitable grants to local nonprofits, administers scholarship funds, and provides tailored services to help individual donors and their families pursue their charitable interests. The Annual ADVICE 5K Turkey Trot Fund was established and vested in 2013 for supporting community health projects and initiatives that benefit all Outer Banks people.